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The answer to this question begins with an understanding of your needs and goals. The purpose can be as simple as to just improve the appearance of your home which can be done by simply adding a flower garden or as complex as reshaping the entire yard with patio, walkways, retaining walls (to eliminate erosion), water features, etc. But in any good landscape, the design addresses specific problems and goals.

Just like the interior of your home, a well-designed landscape is functional. It should contain different spaces for a variety of activities: eating and entertaining, playing, pursuing hobbies, and relaxing. When an existing yard does not lend itself well to a variety of uses, the landscape design must solve the problems: add shade to a hot, sunny yard: fix a slope that erodes during every heavy rain shower; build a patio for outdoor cooking and entertaining; create a privacy screen in an exposed backyard.

For many people, landscaping is a means of self-expression. More than any other feature of your home, your yard tells the outside world who you are. The landscape is the first and last thing quests see when visiting your home, and it gives casual passersby their only view of you and your life-style.

Since designing and building your own landscape can be time consuming, it may require expert skill. For this reason, most homeowners and places of business hire a professional contractor who is licensed and bonded that can tailor and successfully fulfill your landscaping needs.

The quality of landscaping dramatically affects the appeal of a landscape. One recent survey by the American Association of Nurserymen claims that investing $5,000 in plants and landscape materials can add up to $30,000 to the value of a $100,000 home. Real Estate professionals believe that new landscaping is the single most important improvement a homeowner or business owner can make.

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